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Regenerative Orthopedics


According to US-based orthopedic surgeon and medical director at CASS – Dr. Aam Onyike, Regenerative orthopedics are new methods of treating orthopedic conditions with an attempt to promote healing as opposed to an attempt to remove a problem or replace a problem. 

For instance, there are some conditions in the body that can result in pain, stiffness, weakness, or other problems around the joints that were in the past considered to be permanent. In some cases, these conditions may advance to the point where it’s impossible to move.

Some modern improvements in medicine like currently in sports medicine there are now treatments that can promote healing. examples are patients who have various tendonitis. 

Regenerative orthopedic use biological procedures to improve symptoms of certain orthopedic conditions and has the potential to enhance healing in musculoskeletal tissues.

Some options of Regenerative Orthopedics include:

  • PRP: Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is obtained by using a vial of a patient’s own blood (just like a blood test). Once the blood is taken from the patient’s body, it is placed in a centrifuge where it is spun at high speeds to separate the red blood cells from the platelets and plasma, thereby obtaining the healing properties in the blood. The blood is then reinjected into the area of concern.
  • Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells can be obtained from different parts of the body where there is a high volume of appropriate cells.

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials, they are cells from which other cells with specialized functions are generated. These cells can be obtained and reinjected into the area of concern in order to promote healing. 

Regenerative orthopedic is mainly focused on developing and applying new treatments using raw materials from the body to heal tissues and organs and restore function lost due to aging, disease, damage, or defects

Regenerative orthopedic goes beyond management of diseases into search and discovery of therapies that support the body in repairing, regenerating, and restoring itself to a state of well-being.

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