Incredible Stories: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Watch some of the testimonials from our former patients. As we strive to provide the very best in international medicine, we look forward to serving with you with great care, because your health is our success!

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“This is the Best International Medical Team.”

“WOW I dont really know what else to say. With the professionalism and followup, anyone needing medical attention and orthopedic consultation, this is the team to call! WOW- AMAZING!” – CandelabrumGroup International

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Without your wonderful and helpful staff, we would have been totally lost and frustrated during our trip as well as broke. Thanks a million to all of you for arranging all those discounts and for really coordinating daddys care. He is back in Addis Ababa and has promised to dance at the wedding to show off his new knees.
Aster K, Washington DC
It is a miracle indeed that I can finally move my shoulder without the terrible pain I have suffered for years. Thank you so much! Nigeria is blessed to have a son like you to do such major procedure using a camera and minor incisions. I am back to my business in Nigeria and look forward to your repairing my other rotator cuff tear.
Prince A., Allen, Texas
Thank you so much for helping restore me to a pain free life. I traveled to the UK, Germany, India, and South Africa without even getting a proper diagnosis. But thanks to you and your staff in Dallas, I can walk and care for my children and family once again without any hip pain.
Caroline I., Lagos
Seasons greetings to you and your wonderful staff. I am back in Abuja now, my hip feels incredibly good and no one can tell it has been replaced. Thank you for your kindness and for changing my life. I cant wait till you and your partners get started in Nigeria.
Ekaite U., Abuja
I am so grateful to you and your wonderful staff for all you have done for me. I feel physically born again and I am now doing things I had not done in the last 3 years. Please hurry up and establish in Lagos. There are many more of us here that need you.
Titilayo, Ikoyi, Lagos.
My mother is walking for the first time since her accident in 2009. Thank you so much and God bless you. God help Nigeria because she never should have ever suffered in that state. I pray that your plans for an office in Lagos come to fruition so people like my mother can get the expert treatment you provided.
Patience N. Maryland, USA
“I had a left knee replacement done and had difficulty bending the knee afterwards. My physical therapist reassured me that I would regain range of movement and strength in my knee after going through rehabilitation. Despite my low pain threshold, she was professional with me. Now I feel good and can mobilize well”.
Oladipo S.I, Nurse, Lagos.
“I enjoyed the level of cleanliness in the facility and the willingness of the therapist to answer all my questions. The exercises and soft tissue mobilization freed the contracted tissues after surgery in my left lower tibia, I feel a lot better now”.
Nzeribe C.L, Engineer, Lagos.
“My experience at CASS Physical therapy was very pleasant and reassuring. I came across polite and friendly staff who explained all I needed to know during my therapy sessions every step of the way. The physical therapist took me through electrotherapy, stretching, strengthening and balance training exercises. I have a lot more confidence in the strength of my ankle following a long standing right ankle injury”.
Weyinmi A, Businessman, Lagos.