A Brazilian butt lift is a recently developed cosmetic surgical procedure where fat is removed from an individual’s abdomen or back and transferred or shifted to the buttocks.  It creates an enhanced size and shape of a patient’s butt and results in a sought after attractive, prominent rear end. It has been sought after by women who desire a rounder, curvier or firmer rear end.  The surgeon will use manual motion, vibration, ultrasonic waves, bursts of air, or even lasers to dissolve fat deposits before gently aspirating them and then transferring them to the desired location.This procedure differs from a traditional butt lift which is less invasive and involves an incision and removal or transfer of tissue to provide the desired shape.

Our plastic surgeons at CASS (Center for Advanced Specialty Surgery) have performed numerous Brazilian butt lift procedures in the USA and have now introduced the surgery in our Lagos hospital.

We utilize proven best practice techniques for removal of fat from areas of excess and transfer to the desired location.  Our surgeons also individualize the procedure for each individual and sculpt the body as desired.  The final result is a rounder, fuller behind that looks natural because, unlike butt implants or synthetic fillers, it uses one’s own tissues.

At CASS we customize all cosmetic procedures to the patient.  Therefore the results of a butt lift may vary between patients. Both traditional and Brazilian surgeries typically provide patients with perkier, firmer, rejuvenated rears. Traditional butt lifts particularly with the use of implants may provide more dramatic results, since they involve removing layers of skin, fat, and tissue, while Brazilian butt lifts sculpt unwanted fat from other areas of the body to plump the buttocks and hips for a curvier appearance. Our surgeons have experience with both types of procedures.  The results of both of these surgeries are expected to last for a life time but may occasionally require minor revisions

Brazilian butt lifts are one of the most popular surgeries for many reasons. The benefits of this procedure include:

A more natural appearance and lowered risk of rejection than implants or fillers, which can also be used to augment the buttocks.
Simultaneously removing stubborn fats from other areas of the body and plumping the rear. Many patients use liposuction to remove fats from the abdomen to further enhance an hourglass figure.
A less invasive surgical process than butt implants or traditional butt lift surgery, which allows for a shorter, simpler recovery.

Women in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria are encouraged to visit CASS for a consultation and advice if they have an interest in a Brazilian butt lift.  Patients will be evaluated and given detailed surgical plans to achieve the desired results.

Surgeries are performed by our US trained specialists at our hospital in Lagos.  Our surgeons have performed numerous successful Brazilian Butt lift surgeries in the USA and now in Lagos since we expanded to a hospital  in July 2016.  All Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks, liposuctions and other plastic surgeries and even consultations are done with the strictest adherence to confidentiality.